I have never been a big candy junkie however when Halloween rolls around something changes and I suddenly crave candy… All kinds of candy!

Now that I have kids I almost look forward to Halloween because I know that there will be candy in the house when that sweet tooth craving hits.

So, it got me wondering how many fun-sized candy bars can I eat to equal the regular serving of the candy.

When I looked up this question the answer I got made me want to lay off the Halloween candy for good.

Here are the results:


Butterfinger – 2 ½ fun-sized bars = 1 regular bar


Reese’s PB Cups – 2 ½ miniature-sized cups = 1 full-sized cup


M& M’s – 3 fun-sized bags = 1 regular bag


Twix – 3 fun-sized bars = 1 regular bar (2 sticks)


Snickers – 3 ½ fun-sized bars = 1 regular bar

Townsquare Media

Kit Kat- 5 mini’s = 1 regular-sized bar (4 wafers)

We all know we can’t just eat one or two of anything, especially candy bars.

So hopefully with this knowledge, we will be able to enjoy the Halloween candy but not overindulge in it this year.


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