When you're getting ready to move, a yard sale is a great way to get rid of the clutter, right?

And the newest way to get the word out is by using Craigslist. But, let this be a warning... You've got to be very careful with how the ad is worded.

A women in Boulder, CO, found this out the hard way!

Elaan Brudno and her roommates were getting ready to move, so she posted the following ad:

"EVERYTHING'S FREE!!! Furniture! Clothes! Books! Toys! We're giving it away, so come take it away!"

What could possibly go wrong?!?

Oh, and to makes things even better,  she left the house that morning with the back door unlocked... So people started taking things from INSIDE the house!

By the time she returned home, bargain hunters had taken tools, a lawnmower, electronics, and more.

And since her ad wasn't very clear, police say they are not treating it as a criminal investigation; the report was taken for documentation purposes only.

She's tried getting the items from inside the house returned, but so far hasn't had much luck.

I can imagine it's made things with the roommates a little... awkward?

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