Rising water on the Red River is causing some problems at several public spaces in Shreveport.

The Dog Park is already closed and part of Riverview Park is closed to the public. Bickham Dickson park has been closed for many months and the entire park will likely never be back open to the public as a Shreveport City Park. Water is also rising at Hamel Memorial Park and the Stoner Boat Launch Park.

Shelly Ragle, the Director of SPAR tells us what is being done to mitigate the damage at the water continues to rise.

Rains continue today and the water is still rising. The Red is expected to crest at 28.5 feet this weekend. Flood stage is 30 feet on the Red at Shreveport. As flooding problems increase on the Red, this backs up into 12 Mile Bayou and Caddo Lake.

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