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I don't think I've ever been more proud to live in this community than today. When asked to step up and help local business, we are doing it.

Hundreds of people showed up to shop at the Farmer's Market in the parking lot of Pierre Bossier Mall which attracted a crowd from all over the area Saturday morning. I pulled up at about 8:45 and there was a line of cars (at least 30) ahead of me. It was very clear this was going to be a little bit of a wait.

But that didn't matter. We were all there to buy local products and it didn't matter how long it might take. That's how I felt and I did not see one car pull out of the line. I didn't get up to the vendors until about 9:30 but then it goes pretty fast. You simply let the workers know what you want and they bring the goods to your car. You give them the cash and move on to the next vendor.

It's a very cool process and I hope more of these begin to open up across our region.


Huge Crowd Shows Up for Drive Thru Farmer's Market in Bossier City

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