Political news in Shreveport today. Another name has surfaced as a possible candidate for Mayor.

You might not know the name Adrian Perkins, but behind the scenes several high powered groups have been wooing him to run for the city's top job. There was a gathering last night at the Petroleum Club to show support for Perkins. The invitation for the event reads "this is a meet and greet for Perkins who will be a candidate for Mayor."

Last week, I asked Perkins about the event this week. Perkins tells KEEL News "there have been a number of citizens who have approached me about running for mayor. I too have been speaking with the people of Shreveport. That's all I'm doing at this time."

Sources tell me Perkins addressed the crowd last night and answered questions from folks in the audience. We are told lots of familiar faces showed up for the event including some from the downtown legal community, oil and gas folks, and several major property owners.

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