We Have Some Sad News To Share As A Beloved East Texas Attraction Announced That They Will Be Closing For Good.

Drive-thru safaris are always lots of fun for families because it gives them an opportunity to get up close and personal with animals you wouldn't normally find in Texas and you can see it all from the comfort of your personal vehicle.

Sadly over the last few years, despite receiving a slight "boom" due to the pandemic, drive-thru safaris are slowly fading away and one here in East Texas just announced that they are closing permanently.

According To A Post On Its Facebook Page, Grapeland Safari Is Closing To The Public.

Grapeland Safari was once considered one of the best drive-thru safaris in Texas which doubled as a petting zoo where you can feed exotic animals out of the palm of your hand, then snuggle up with adorable goats and other furry friends.

Unfortunately, over the last year, the 81 acre facility has dealt with some issues. According to their post on Facebook, the pasture is no longer safe for people to drive through. There are huge ditches and holes that will cause damage to vehicles and for that reason, they have made the tough decision to shut down.

The Gift Shop And Petting Zoo Will Remain Open For Now.


Grapeland Safari went on to add that their gift shop will still be open with everything marked down 50% off. You can also make one last visit to their petting area as well and they will be open on Saturday and Sunday for the gift shop and petting area unless you call ahead. Their official closing date will be 6-24-2024. After that date no one will be allowed on the property.

Take advantage of one last opportunity to check out Grapeland Safari before they go away forever.

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