It's no secret that Louisiana people are always finding an excuse to have people over for a meal. We always have ingredients for some sort of meal in our refrigerator ready to go just in case we need to whip something up.

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At some point we were all told to keep our bread in the fridge along with other items that perish quickly.

However, there are 3 items that you need to take out of your refrigerator immediately.


1. Garlic

Chances are if you are from Louisiana you have garlic in your kitchen right now. Hopefully you have it stored on the kitchen counter and not in the refrigerator, and here's why:

Garlic tends to last longer when stored outside of the refrigerator.

  • Refrigerators tend to be more humid, which can lead to the garlic sprouting or becoming moldy quicker. Storing garlic in a dry, well-ventilated area helps to prevent sprouting and decay.
  • Stores best in cool temperatures, ideally between 60-65°F.  Refrigerators are often colder than this range, which can cause the garlic to deteriorate faster.
  • Needs good air circulation to stay fresh. Storing it in a refrigerator, where air circulation is limited, can lead to moisture build up causing it spoil sooner than usual.
  • Cold temperatures can cause the garlic to become soft and lose some of its pungency. Storing garlic at room temperature helps to maintain its flavor and texture for a longer period

2. Coffee

There is a common misconception that storing coffee beans in a colder environment makes them stay fresh longer. These are a few reasons why storing them outside of the fridge is better overall.

  • Refrigerators are typically more humid than your pantry, and your coffee beans will naturally absorb this moisture causes them to grow mold.
  • Coffee beans are pours and can absorb odors from other food items which overtime changes the flavor profile of the coffee.
  • The Cold temperature can also cause the oils to solidify which also effects the smell and taste of the coffee.

3. Onions

You may have be tempted to refrigerate the leftover raw onion you didn't use. Unfortunately, this is something you will want to avoid.

  • Once an onion is cut it absorbs bacteria in the air that when consumed can be harmful.
  • The temperature of the refrigerator also causes the onion to convert starches into to sugar which then turns into mold.

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