Well, I guess if you’re stupid enough to cheat, then you’re stupid enough to know not to buy your wife and girlfriend a gift at the same time and same place. A husband that apparently was cheating on his wife, went to a jewelry store to buy a gift for BOTH his wife and his girlfriend and the clerk that was helping him decided to expose him.

Zoe Roe is the clerk and she posted a video to TikTok explain how she let the two ladies in the man’s life know what a jerk this guy is. She explains in her video that she was at work at a jewelry store and a man went in to buy a gift for his wife for their 10-year anniversary. Roe says he ended up picking out a piece that said ‘my beautiful wife’. When Roe asked him if there was anything else he needed, he said that was it for his wife, but he wanted to make a purchase using a separate credit card and on a different account. When she asked what he was looking for, Roe said he asked ‘Do you have anything that says girlfriend?’ Roe helped him pick out a gift for a 1-year anniversary. Roe then boxed it all up and put the gifts in the bags. The man asked her to mark a ‘K’ for Kristin for his wife’s bag and an ‘L’ for Laura on the girlfriend’s bag.


Some of the comments read, “THAT’S GIRL CODE! Imagine people knew you were being cheated on and no one told you?”, “You’re a gift to humanity.”, “Not all heroes wear capes. Some just wear winged eyeliner.”

According to Yahoo, Roe’s video has received so many supportive comments from females. By the way, the video has gone viral with more than 1.8 million likes and around 20,000 comments.

Roe must have been bothered by the fact that he was playin’ his wife because she “accidentally” mixed up the bags. YOU. GO. GIRL. Thank you from all the ladies on this one, Zoe.




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