There are animal rights and there are animal wrongs.

A British man who made a video of himself swallowing a live goldfish and then let a friend post it to Facebook has been found guilty of animal cruelty. Not to mention being a moron. Seriously, you posted the video on social media? You can't be dense enough to not think there'd be some brushback.

The video has since been taken down, but this being the internet, it's resurfaced like M. Night Shyamalan (see above) and  is sure to bring tears to this goldfish-loving tot.

The stunt took place after the men had been drinking -- big surprise -- and someone dared Daniel Challis, 24, to swallow the fish. Challis said the fish was already dead, but testimony revealed it was still breathing when it became dinner. He'll be sentenced next month.

A word of advice: if you want to eat the freshest fish possible, let the sushi chefs prepare it for you.

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