The keto diet may be all the rage in trying to drop pounds, but new research shows that you might not want to be on the diet for too long. LSU Health New Orleans Professor of Public Health Melinda Sothern says after rodents were on the diet for a week, Yale University researchers discovered an increase in delta gamma t-cells.

“This is why we believe that it also lowered the diabetes risk, but unfortunately, when the mice continued on the diet, these benefits after another week, started to be eliminated,” said Sothern.

After a week, Sothern says the rodents would eventually begin to eat more fat than they could metabolize and then store fat after a week.

“With the stored fat came a reverse in that pro-inflammatory or good inflammatory response and they actually become more inflamed and had a higher diabetes risk,” said Sothern.

Sothern says perhaps the keto diet has health benefits if dosed properly, adding more research needs to be done on humans to see if the same response occurs with delta t-cells versus those in animals.

“If we’d see them sort of turn on and lower inflammation and improve the body’s ability to use insulin or would it be something different.  Maybe because we are a different type of mammal, we would have a longer response,” said Sothern.

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