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It's pretty much assumed that Kellie Rasberry is the smartest player on the morning show, but that was until J-Si came out on top after two weeks of the 'Smarter Than A ...' quiz.

For the past two weeks, KiddTV producer Cami has been asking the cast members multiple choice questions to test their knowledge of basic fifth and sixth grade questions. Think of it like that game show 'Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader'. After going through the fifth and sixth grades, J-Si is at the head of class with seven correct answers. Each cast member has graduated to the seventh grade now. Kellie is in second place, Ana third and Big Al and Justin tie for fourth place after eight questions.

Today the cast was challenged with the following questions from a standardized seventh grade test:

  • What formula is used to find the circumference of a circle?
  • Which battle was the turning point in the Revolutionary war?
  • Spell the word Liaison (Well… that’s a given)
  • Most hormones are produced by which human organ system?

Cami gave them multiple choice to each question. So, who do you think ended up being the smartest this week? Watch the video or give it a listen below. Coming up next week, they'll be challenged with eighth grade questions submitted by eighth grade KiddNation teachers!

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