Louisiana is the first state in the nation to allow Medicaid recipients to enroll via an app.

Medicaid Deputy Director Jen Katzman says Healthy Louisiana has been popular with users so far, garnering a 4.5-star rating on app stores for its ease of use, and utility.

“When you open it you have multiple options that you can use for enrolling in one of our Medicaid health plans, and you can do it in English and Spanish,” says Jen Katzman.

LDH advertises that the app also simplifies the process for choosing between the five managed care plans.

Along with options for enrollment in one of the state’s health plans, Katzman says you can also use it to look up nearby providers.

“It allows you to search for it by GPS location using maps,” says Katzman.

Katzman says the app is emblematic of a broader generation shift that points towards a far more digital future for Medicaid.

“We have seen about 40% to 50% of our membership using digital options, and of those, the vast majority are using the app,” says Katzman.

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