Although the haters are coming out of the woodwork for Taylor Swift now that she's gone pop, one country trio are singing her praises. Lady Antebellum fully support her transition, and even call her a "musical icon"!

When Lady A stopped by E! News recently, they chatted all things Swiftie in light of her recent album release. '1989' is Swift's first official pop release, with a hit single, 'Shake It Off,' that has quickly climbed the charts. It seems she's doing something right, and Lady A address why the transition suits her so well.

"I think she'll always have fans in the country genre," says Charles Kelley. "I mean it's where she started, but she's Taylor Swift, she's such a musical icon now, and I think it's no surprise. Her last record was definitely leaning towards the pop side."

Kelley admits that it sounds like where she belongs -- at least for now. And by her calling it pop, she's being honest with all of her fans.

"To me, it's probably better that she says this is a pop record; 'Let's be honest, it's a pop record,' and kind of have that," he adds. "But I think when you get to that point ...  what is she, on her fourth or fifth record? I think she just wants to explore, try new things, and I think she's at a point in her career where she can, if that's where her heart is."

Hillary Scott explains that it's hard for artists to be categorized as just one thing.

"We would never want any artists to look at us and try and say what we can write or what we can record…as someone who loves to write and record music, that's our art," Scott says. "And I think it's been a slow progression for her up until this point, expanding what she writes and how she records it.

"She has our support, I mean I think it's amazing," she adds. "Not to mention, she's grown up in front of the world, and how much do your musical tastes change throughout the course of your life and growing up? So I'm very very excited for her record."

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