Lady Antebellum made a dream come true for a 6-year-old boy who was born without a cerebellum.

The trio met one of their biggest fans at the Erie Country Fair on Wednesday (Aug. 13). It was Chase Britton's first concert, seeing the band at the fair, and he even had a chance to meet his favorites!

Before their performance, Lady Antebellum took a few minutes to greet the little boy, but they ended up going above and beyond for the little boy. Chase, 6, was born without a cerebellum, which is an essential part of the brain that plays a large part in the body's motor control. He was never supposed to be able to walk -- or even talk. He's nothing short of a miracle.

Though he wasn't supposed to be able to talk, Chase is able to sing. One of his favorite pastimes is watching Lady A DVDs and singing along to their songs, which he loves. "He sings along and he claps his hands," his dad, Dave Britton, tells WGRZ. "He absorbs the music and it comes right back out of him. Just amazing to watch."

Chase was able to meet the country group during their standard meet and greet, but being the golden hearts that they are, they devoted a little one-on-one-time to him, as well. The group gave him a set of drumsticks, and Hillary Scott even sang with the boy, who looked absolutely thrilled.

Adds his father, "They were shocked and I think it really touched them that he reacts the way he does to their music."

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