Country trio Lady Antebellum will soon be traveling with one extra member in the bus -- frontwoman Hillary Scott's newborn baby. As her due date approaches, Scott has been having a few irresistible pregnancy cravings.

The vocal powerhouse, who just revealed she will welcome a baby girl, shares her biggest cravings to E Online, saying, "There was one night where I looked at my husband and I was like, 'We really have to go to the grocery store because I need a Pop-Tart right now," she said. "That's really one of the only cravings I've had, that and sleeping. That's been my biggest craving for sure—naps!" Scott has mentioned her fatigue before, but her sweet pastry cravings must be a somewhat new development.

While the 'Downtown' hitmakers prepare for this shift in their band's family --and the two other band members swear they will spoil the newbown babe-- it sounds like babies may be a regular occurrence in the future of Lady A. "I'm sure we'll be soon to follow suit," Lady A's Dave Haywood says, adding, "We'll get good practice out on the road changing diapers."

Before the spoiling begins (and Scott's cravings come to an end), the trio will perform at the first-ever Taste of Country Music Festival this summer, their last performance before the band takes a short break to help Scott adjust to the sweet life of motherhood. When the group returns to the road, they'll have one baby in tow, but probably no Pop-Tarts in sight.

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