Warning: If you watch Lady Antebellum's Christmasy new video, you're going to be in the holiday spirit before you even get a slice of Thanksgiving turkey. Filled with gifts, wreaths, and -- of course -- mistletoe, the band's 'Holly Jolly Christmas' video is perfect for holiday viewing.

But the holiday-themed release is more than just a music video, as it tells the adorable story of a mischievous boy who is vying for a Christmas smooch. The little guy seems to be kind of bored at an adult holiday party, but when the trio's front woman Hillary Scott walks through the door looking beautiful, he gets an idea.

The boy sneaks off to a bedroom, puts together a toy helicopter and attaches a sprig of mistletoe to the bottom. Then, he convinces Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood to help him fly the mistletoe over Scott. As the helicopter floats above her head, the boy climbs on a chair and waits for his kiss. But when his eyes are closed, a little girl who has been watching him all night climbs on the chair and plants one on him.

He acts surprised, but when he returns to the bedroom to pull out his little black book of girls he'd like to kiss, you realize that he was planning to get a smooch from that little girl all along. Mission accomplished.

Usually, music videos are created to fit in with a song, but this time, it's the other way around. Lady A's version of 'Holly Jolly Christmas' is a hybrid of big band music and country twang, which makes it a perfect backdrop for the music video.

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