Now that Thanksgiving is over, there's probably tons of turkey sitting in the fridge.

But, is it safe to eat? Well, that depends.

According to fine folks at the Center for Science in the Public Interest, we should follow the "2 hours, 2 inches, 4 days" rule.

2 Hours: The turkey should have made it from the table to the refrigerator within two hours. Sitting out any longer gives bacteria time to start growing all over that delicious turkey.

2 Inches: Food containers with leftovers should only be filled two inches deep. That allows the leftovers to chill quickly, and keeps the meat at a uniform temperature.

4 Days: Use the leftover turkey within four days. Any longer and, you guessed it, bacteria could be present. If you'd like to keep the turkey longer, freeze it... It will then stay good for four months.