Logan Mansion

The legendary Logan Mansion of Shreveport on Austen Place, right across from Municipal Auditorium, has new owners, and I was there for the last event with soon-to-be former owner Miss Vicki and Dakota Lawrence.

Not only was last night my first time at Logan Mansion, it was my first time to attend a gallery reading by psychic medium Dakota Lawrence. I have to say, I was incredibly impressed with the charm of both the house and Dakota!

While I didn't stay for the paranormal investigation with Dark Hallows Paranormal, I did get to tour the home and take some pictures. This home has a truly interesting history..The builder, and original owner of the home, was quite the business tycoon, with interests in breweries, logging, KCS Railroad and more. As a result, there's a plethora of gorgeous wood of several varieties in the home with special touches, like hand carved barley leaves in honor of his brewery throughout the main floor of the house.

The second family to own Logan Mansion was the Hamptons. History says the reason why the servants staircase is still knocked out to this day is because when they hit hard times and couldn't afford their help anymore, they wanted to make sure no one else could have servants in the future as well! It was especially poignant because the Hampton's great grandson Rogers and his daughter Lauren were there for the event.

Since then, the home has been a boarding house, a radio station and was most recently left neglected until Miss Vicki and her beloved  late husband Mr. Billy purchased the home and lovingly restored it to it's former glory... finding pieces of the home that had been lost along the way, like the stained glass window and Logan House light fixture in the oddest of ways during their renovations.

Check out the pictures and see a piece of Shreveport's history. With new owners coming in, you never know what changes are in store for the landmark.

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