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Wildlife Enforcement Agents, Game Wardens, Possum Cops, whatever you might want to call them, they've probably got one of the least appreciated jobs in the world.

No one really likes to see them coming, until they need one.

The occasion of "really needing one" just occurred this past Sunday, July 19, in Union Parish and a 46 year old woman has a couple of wardens to thank for saving her life!

According to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, enforcement agents, Corporal Clint Branton and Senior Agent Hunter Breed, were traveling westbound around 1:00 pm Sunday on Evergreen Road west of Farmerville when they happened upon a Honda Civic travelling east, which crossed into the agents' lane and then directly into a creek that runs beside the road.

As the vehicle entered the creek, it flipped upside down in the water. Acting quickly, the agents moved into rescue mode and were able to free the woman from the car and moved to safety, apparently only suffering a small cut to her arm.

Looking at the picture of the woman's vehicle, it's amazing that these agents were able to rescue this lady before she drowned.

According to LDWF Colonel Chad Hebert, “This could have been a very different outcome if no one would have witnessed this traffic accident and been able to respond within seconds.” Hebert adds, “The agents were in the right place at the right time and their quick reaction saved this motorist’s life.”

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