Well, obviously Louisiana made the list. I mean, po' boys are delicious!

We all know that Louisiana is a great state to grab a sammy in, but just how great do other people think we are?

According to Thrillist, po' boys were only delicious enough to land us in the #4 spot on their list of "The 10 Best States if You Love Sandwiches". That's really not too shabby considering we beat out the home of the lobster rolls, which are real flipping tasty.

  1. Pennsylvania aka home of the cheesesteak
  2. New Jersey reigns king for its Italian deli sammy's
  3. New York, because Katz Deli is classic
  4. Louisiana po' boys, duh
  5. Illinois has that Italian beef
  6. Florida aka home of the Cuban sandwich
  7. Maryland dominates the crab/crab cake sandwich game
  8. South Carolina's pulled pork sammy's reign supreme
  9. Maine, because lobster rolls are real flipping tasty
  10. Oregon is pretty legit at all things sandwich

And now I want a sandwich real bad.


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