This is a true example of the kind of people you will find in Louisiana. Bear Bailey is an amazing singer and he shows his talents to cheer up a gas station clerk in Houma, Louisiana every time he visits her store.

He sings whatever song she has playing in the store. Often it's great country music, But Bear knows many of the big hits from other genres, too.


The 33 year-old Bear Bailey often dreamed of being a singer, but that never panned out. Until he started posting videos on TikTok. The cashiers from the Super Serve gas station would make requests and he started posting these videos and they have taken off. Bear now has more than a million followers.

He has been featured in the Huffington Post and his local gas station helped bring it back to life. He was also featured in Southern Living Magazine.

Bear even caught the attention of the one and only Keith Urban.

Bailey has gained nearly two million TikTok followers in less than two weeks since he started posting videos from the Super Serve station near his home in Houma, Louisiana. In the viral clips, the cashiers make song requests and Bailey belts out his amazing voice. He gets lots of great reaction from the clerks and even other shoppers at the store are shocked to hear his amazing voice.

He also sings for other clerks at the store who say he always makes their day.


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