Louisiana is gearing up for a very wet weekend.  A storm system in the Gulf of Mexico predicted to become Hurricane Barry is on a collision course with the Bayou State.  Potential Tropical Cyclone 2 is expected to strengthen to full-on hurricane status before it makes landfall sometime early Saturday afternoon and bring 10 to 15 inches of rain.

Because everything in the storm's path is already saturated, and some flooding has already been reported - residents in the southern portion of our state are preparing devastating amount of water that is expected to cause an extensive amount of damage.

Thankfully, U-Haul locations in the area are providing residents a silver lining.  The moving and storage experts are offering free, 30-day self storage for folks desperately trying to keep their most treasured belongings safe and dry.

According to Yahoo News, there are 12 U-Haul locations along major evacuation routes that want to help.

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