It's no surprise that COVID-19 cases would pop-up as students return to campus. Now we have LSU's official number.

LSU has released their COVID numbers since August 15th. Truthfully, I would have expected this number to be higher, but hopefully soon we'll live in a world where this number is zero. Unfortunately, LSU's number is not zero, instead, it currently sits at 356 positive COVID-19 cases since mid-August.

To help keep track of the virus on campus and among students, the school has rolled out a COVID dashboard on their website. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the dashboard will be updated with the latest info relating to COVID-19.

Personally, I love that feature. I'm sure the students on campus will use it, as wil their concerned family members elsewhere.

The school also spoke this week about supposed parties help on campus featuring large groups of students. Videos of these parties have hit the internet, and LSU's interim President Thomas Galligan has said that as of now, four student organizations are being investigated in relation to the parties. He says, "That means that they’ve been charged with some sort of violation of our code of conduct.  We have three or four ongoing investigations into allegations of organizational misconduct,"

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