I guess I owe, or have owed the IRS some money for quite some time because a collection service is apparently trying to get in touch with me! I'm not sure why this is happening but over the past three weeks or so I've been getting phone calls from around the nation from unknown numbers and telemarketers on my cell phone. When I see a number I do not recognize, even if it's a local number, I will not answer the phone and just let them leave a voicemail if they want. JUST FOR THE RECORD, I do not owe the IRS anything and I have not owed the IRS anything ever! So I should not have a collection service calling me.

Well the other day, I received two calls from a 360 area code and this robo telemarking call left a message threatening me that local law enforcement would be on their way to arrest me if I didn't address this problem immediately, so I decided to call the number back from the station! Instead of letting them confirm my phone number I used a different one (my apologies in advance to our receptionist who may start getting these calls now!)

The call didn't go as I thought it would go, especially since they're a collection service. Find out how I was treated in my video series, Lucky Larry Tries...to contact an IRS collection service next!

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