It's 'Throw Back Thursday,' so I decided to have a little fun today... I stalked all of my co-workers Facebook and Twitter pages so we can all take a look at what's led us to filling your ear holes on a daily basis. Let the fun and games (and  hopefully, no retaliation) begin!

Elizabeth Morales
Here's our very own morning show diva Elizabeth Morales circa 2008 at Christmas in the Sky with Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover. Apparently, she moves in a higher class circles than I do!

Cory Ryan
Awwww! It doesn't get any cuter than our very own morning man Cory Ryan at Mardi Gras with his little one in 2008.

You knew I wouldn't be able to get away posting pictures of everyone else with out including myself, right? This is Cory and I along with the beautiful and talented Ms. Jody Lowry from KTBS Channel 3. We're guessing this one was from around 2009.

Lucky Larry
Lucky Larry proves he's lucky in this picture from 2010 with John Mayer!

Aaron Traylor
Yeah, yeah, not only is our night guy Aaron Traylor 'The Tallest DJ in America,' he also gets to hang with peeps like Tim Tebow... but this was back in the day. Fine, it was only two years ago!

Angela Thomas
We can't forget our very own Angela Thomas... rocker at heart, news reporter by day and musician by night!

Steve Castello
And last but not least, we have Steve Castello. We'll call him elusive because he'd rather post jokes than pics of himself, but we managed to find one of he and his lovely bride!