We spend much of time planning for the "special days," don't we? Some holiday, dinner party, or someone's birthday is on the horizon and we spend hours making sure that every detail is handled. We make sure the house looks its best and we all look our best, so that we can enjoy these "special" moments that we look forward to throughout the year. Unless we go overboard to the point where we aren't even able to appreciate those days, I think that's fantastic. We need to set aside these days for memory-making and celebration.

But what about the ordinary days? The in-between moments that make up the majority of our lives? If you think about it, when we are living a finite life, is any day really "ordinary?"

Most of the moments of our lives are made up of these "in-between" days. If we break that down a bit more, even the days are broken up into the daily rituals of our lives. These are the things we do every. single. day. Waking up, getting ready for the day, preparing meals, quiet evening hours reading or hanging with friends and family. Simply because our lives tend to be so busy, much of these things we spend most of our time doing become afterthoughts hurriedly pushed through as we work toward our next "special day."

What if we spent time making the ordinary daily rituals of our lives "special?" When's the last time you took a couple of hours on the weekend to reflect on how your everyday routines are flowing? Is there a way you could elevate them? I feel strongly that by focusing on the basics, we elevate our entire lives. Every single day we are alive, whether it's the holidays or a random Wednesday in August, is a big deal.

Is there a particular area of your life that causes you frustration? Does getting ready in the morning feel like a major life stressor because your closet and clothes are in complete disarray and you feel like you never have anything to wear? Why not spend some time going through your closet and throwing out the things that are torn, no longer fit, or no longer make you feel good when you're wearing it? If you can, buy a couple of new things that make you look forward to something you do every single day. One needn't spend much.

Perhaps getting dinner on the table causes your daily consternation because everything always feels last minute. So, what could be a truly relaxing experience with your family, or even just yourself, turns into yet another stressful part of your day? This is another one of those things we do every day--several times even. It's worth it to take a few hours and get a system in place that will allow you to enjoy meal times. Find a few new recipes you can work in to your routine. As cliche as it sounds, do a weekly menu and shopping list so you know you always have what you need on hand.

I personally have found that having a morning routine sets a different tone for the entire day. When I wake up and follow that plan of meditation time, self-care, and morning coffee on the porch, the entire day already feels elevated.

Initially, this does take a few hours of your precious time, but ultimately it will simply your life. It will also make the ordinary days feel more special because really--every day is special. Use the nicer coffee cups, put flowers on the breakfast table, dress up a little more than seems necessary. Little choices like this can change the trajectory of your days--and days add up to a lifetime.

What other daily routines could you work on that would make your days happier? Think about it. <3

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