With the July Fourth holiday looming in the middle of next week many of us are choosing to celebrate America's Independence this weekend, all next week, and next weekend too. We're all just looking for a reason to get in the water I suppose.

However, if you're contemplating a trip to Louisiana's coastline you'll want to know the Louisiana Department of Health has issued bacteria advisories for many of your favorite "get in the Gulf" locations.

According to the Department of Health's Beach Monitoring Program, there are currently a dozen beaches across the state that are under advisories for higher than acceptable levels of bacteria. This means that swimming and other water activities in and around those sites is not advised.

Among the beach areas frequented by South Louisiana sun and sand lovers that are currently under advisories are, Cypremort Point, Rutherford Beach, parts of Holly Beach, Long Beach, parts of Grand Isle and Martin Beach.

Just for the record, Louisiana beaches aren't the only beaches being affected by high levels of bacteria. It's actually a fairly common occurrence this time of year at beaches all along the Gulf Coast and on the Eastern Seaboard. The weather gets warm, the water gets warm, the bacteria flourishes.

Although health officials suggest that no one goes in swimming this is especially true for individuals with weakened immune systems or those who might have an open wound, small cut, or open sore, somewhere on their body. It doesn't take much of an opening for bacteria to get in.

The bottom line is making sure you know before you go and before you go in the water double check to make sure you understand exactly what the beach conditions are. It will make for a much safer and happier holiday if you do.


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