The blond bombshell and cultural icon, Marilyn Monroe, will join the list of celebrities getting the hologram treatment. Rapper Tupac Shakur was already hologramed at Coachella earlier this year and Freddie Mercury is expected to be digitally resurrected sometime soon.

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that a Marilyn Monroe hologram will perform a concert by the end of the year called Virtual Marilyn Live -- A Musical Celebration of the Birth of the Pop Icon at a yet to be determined venue. Marilyn will sing and interact "live" with possibly live celebrities. Who knows maybe we could get a two for one deal.

No doubt big bucks can be made by a celebrity after their death. Michael Jackson raked in $112 million dollars last year, Elvis wasn't too far behind with a haul of $55 million, and even Marilyn Monroe who died nearly $50 years ago pulled in $27 million dollars.

Some may say that holograms of dead celebrities are blasphemous and some might just want to get the chance they never had to see their idol "live" in person(?) or relive the time that they did when they were young.

The Hollywood Reporter