In the battle for space in your brain where lottery games are concerned Powerball is the big money game that most of us think about. However, there is another multi-state lottery game that could really change your life with the drop of six ping pong balls tonight.

That game is the Mega Millions game and the current estimated jackpot for tonight's drawing is $323 million. That's about $37 million more than the estimated jackpot for Saturday's Powerball drawing. Okay, winning either lottery would probably make your life a lot different but if you have to win only one, why not win the bigger one?

Playing the Mega Millions game is really simple. You choose five numbers between one and seventy-five out of one pool. Then choose one number between one and fifteen out of the second pool of numbers. If your choices match exactly the numbers that are drawn you will win the big jackpot or at least a share of it.

Mega Millions costs one dollar to play. Unless you choose to add the Megaplier option for another dollar. That option will allow any winning ticket that isn't the jackpot to be multiplied by the "megaplier" number that is drawn.

Players may pick their numbers or have their numbers drawn at random. The drawings for the Mega Millions games are on every Tuesday and Friday night at 10 PM Louisiana time. By rule, tickets must be purchased at least one hour before the official drawing. We encourage you to play responsibly should you choose to participate in any lottery game.

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