The day that so many women have begged for has finally come. Researchers at the University of Kansas Medical Center are hard at work conducting a clinical trial for a unique form of male birth control. think the only form of male birth control is to have a vasectomy or use condoms? Times are changing.

University of Kansas Medical Center director of male reproductive health Dr. Ajay Nagia is leading the two-year trial. How does it work? A transparent gel is applied directly to the skin of the shoulders. The gel is expected to decrease sperm count without reducing the male's sexual drive. The magical gel is a mix of testosterone and Nestorone. The good news is that a man's sperm count is expected to return to normal when they are ready to procreate.

Want to take part in the trial? You need to be in a serious relationship with someone you have dated for at least one year. You also have to accept the fact that it is in fact a trial, so there is no guarantee that the product will work. So be open to a little "surprise". Seriously, don't apply if the thought of children freaks you out.

There is even more good news, you will be paid for your time. Once the man is off the birth control, researchers will monitor the recovery of sperm production. Could male birth control be a way to help decrease the number of unplanned pregnancies in America?

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