The historic Strand Theatre was packed to the rafters for the exciting Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker performance Tuesday night. I had never been to the Nutcracker Ballet but had always wanted to go with my daughters and I finally did.


Most little girls grow up knowing the Nutcracker Fairytale, but to watch it unveiled in such beauty and grace as presented by the most famous and critically acclaimed Ballet troupe of all time is an unforgettable experience.

The story begins with the Staulbaum's Christmas party and adults dancing as they give presents to the children. Uncle Drosselmeyer shows up with a magical Nutcracker for Masha.

Brother Fritz becomes jealous, breaking the precious toy. An upset Masha falls asleep, and out of the shadows of her room the Rat King appears, followed by his mice henchmen. But the brave fire engine red Nutcracker in trying to defend Masha, is wounded.

Masha rescues him and the mice disappear. Uncle Drosselmeyer re-appears with a wave of his wand and transforms the Nutcracker Doll into a Prince. This is where Masha has all the fun. She and her Prince travel to the Snow Forest where they meet the Snow Queen and her court. They end up in the Land of Peace and Harmony by the Dove of Peace.

The New York Times praises the Moscow Ballet as "Expansive...the Russian style is elegantly generous, and so the experience is never meager."

I simply say the ballet dance as an art form is presented by the Moscow Ballet as the premiere form of artistic expression in all of its athleticism, grace and beauty.

How in the world that one ballerina was able to make her legs hug her dancing partner as a complete circle, totally round like a donut, I'll never know.

If you ever have a chance to see this incredible show take the opportunity to enjoy it with your daughters.

I'm planning on making it a tradition, and hopefully my oldest daughter can make it next year. (She was suffering from an emergency root canal last night) But this did give me some alone time with middle child, Jill, who is 16.

We absolutely loved the music for the show as much as the ballet dancers themselves. This is a holiday classic I hope to embrace as a new family tradition.

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