If you have ever gone to the Louisiana Children's Museum in New Orleans, you would've seen Mr. Bones on his bicycle. Mr. Bones would peddle away on his bike to show how bones work with movement.

According to local news sources, Mr. Bones is up for auction. You have until the 13th of October when the auction comes to a close at the Museum's 32nd birthday party. Currently it is reported that there are 13 bids so far with the highest bid at $440. That isn't the only thing going on at the Museum. There are also some renovations they will be showing off their new campus. To get more details, click here.

I have been wanting to redecorate my living room in a "Halloween/Creepy Cute" theme. A skeleton would go perfectly! I know that sounds morbid, but it's my living room and I will decorate it however I wish... even if that means propping up skeletons in my home.