Edyth Grolton chose to cancel her husband's funeral at Arlington National Cemetery after the Veteran's Administration told her she had to provide her own flag for her husband's burial.

Jim Grolton, a 20 year Naval veteran, passed away in January at the age of 83. While preparing for her late husbands funeral, she was then told that she would have to provide her own flag. In most cases, funeral homes are able to obtain the flag for free from the Department of Veteran Affairs for services at Arlington. However, Grolton's body was donated to science so no funeral home was involved.

According to Arlington Cemetery Administrator Jack Lechner families are notified before the funerals that is their responsibility to provide the flag. "We send out a confirmation and on the confirmation, it reminds the family to bring the flag."

Grolton told ABC Radio that, "We kind of looked at this as the ultimate slap." This "slap" caused her to  instead scatter her late husband's ashes at sea.

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