If you've got a convertible that you only drive on the weekends, or a spare vehicle of any kind collecting dust in the garage, a new app could unlock the earning potential of your 4-wheeled friend.  I'm not talking about ride-sharing, like Uber or Lyft, I'm talking about renting it out.

Turo is an app that allows users to rent a car in a city away from home as easily as they rent a house.  Just like AirBNB, Turo allows folks with property that goes unused to rent it out.  In this case it's vehicles, and the whole concept opens up a brand new world of affordable opportunities for vacation.  Ever thought about driving from Atlanta to Texarkana and back again in a 1977 black and gold Pontiac Trans Am?  How about cruising Miami Beach in a convertible 1957 Chevrolet Bel Aire?  Totally possible using this app.

If you live in an area frequented by tourists and have an available vehicle, you can make some cash by renting it out.  Don't have a classic or exotic car?  No problem!  A lot of folks using the app are looking for an alternative to traditional car rental agencies.  A lot of users make enough to pay a car payment every month using the service.  Some report making more than twice that.  See how much your vehicle would like fetch by using Turo's Carculator by clicking here.

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