Sweating is probably the most "unfeminine" thing a woman can do. That is pretty unfair considering it is a natural way for our bodies to cool down. There are lots of ways to prevent sweat stains under your arms, but this latest procedure is scary to me.

The traditional antiperspirant and sweat "shields" are apparently getting a little passé.  Recently, I've hear that Botox is being used to treat excessive underarm sweat. The newest treatment is even scarier than that.

Some doctors are offering miraDry treatments to help patients deal with embarrassing underarm sweat stains. The miraDry system basically microwaves your sweat glands under your arm till they shrivel up and die. I don't like sweat stains, but I also don't like the idea of parts of my body dying.

Was it just me or did your mom always tell you to stand away from the microwave while it was nuking dinner so you wouldn't get cancer?

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