As you might expect, Louisiana gets high marks for our food. But we didn't beat out New York, which has the best food in the country according to the Business Insider Poll. You might wonder why New York won and I can only imagine it's because of all the variety that you can find in New York and the wealth of 5 star restaurants. But I would put any of our great Louisiana restaurants up against that New York food any day. On the map, the darkest color had the highest number of votes, the whitest color had next to none. New York scored around 20% of the vote for best food. California and Louisiana get honorable mentions.


Alaska is number 1 on this list. Most of America apparently thinks the food in the great north state sucks. Mississippi is 2nd worst for food which is kind of surprising. But believe it or not, Louisiana also makes this list at about midway in the pack.  Louisiana shouldn't even be listed among the state's with the worst food. This is crazy.


Massachusetts has the weirdest accent. As expected, Louisiana is a close 2nd on this list. Alabama, Minnesota, New York and New Jersey are also cited in this category. More than 10% of those surveyed also say Louisiana is the most drunken state. Mississippi is believed to be the dumbest getting16% of the votes.