Is this the cure for hiccups?

We've all had hiccups and you know how annoying it can be, so what about a cure for them?

Well, it appears that a special straw may just be the answer to rid yourself of the hiccups. Yes, a straw.

This "L-Shaped" straw called HiccAway has been around for about a year, but now many are reporting that this device helps end hiccups.

As a matter of fact, they report that the HiccAway is over 90% effective when it comes to squashing hiccups.

The straw has two holes on the bottom of it and when you drink through the straw, the holes will create enough pressure for you so that your diaphragm is repositioned. Thus, ending the hiccup spell you may be experiencing.

You can get this device for $15 on Amazon. So, if you or someone you know suffers daily with hiccups, this may be worth the try.



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