My best friend, my partner in crime Olive has seen me through my major adult life changes. Although she still acts like a puppy at times and doesn't listen to me I can't imagine life without her. So when she is acting out I know its time for us to go jog it out. I was feeling under the weather this weekend and didn't want to jog a mile so I figured why not try the dog park? My boyfriend brought his boxer dog, Duke. If you have hesitated to take your dog to the Shreveport Dog Park because of what you have read or heard I encourage you to check it out for yourself.

Dog Parents here are some things you should know before you go:

Your dog will jump in the pond. Think they'll skip the jumping in and getting wet and dirty? Think again. Bring towels!

Don't take a dog toy. Some dogs can be very toy aggressive and there are even signs posted at the park asking you not to take dog toys in.

Wear shoes that you can ruin. It's still very muddy out. I ruined my favorite pair of running shoes! There is no running water at the park, at least not went we went. Anticipate a dirty and thirsty dog by the end of their fun play hour.

Watch your dog like a hawk. Even though you're sure they are in a fenced in area, I watched some careless people not close the gates behind them. Infuriating but it happens. Also, some people are bringing dogs who clearly aren't ready to be socialized with other dogs. You can spot them out pretty quick.

The Shreveport Dog Park is only as good as we make it. If you are the dog parent who has a dog who is aggressive or maybe you have 3 dogs that you can't control by yourself consider getting a friend to go to the dog park with you. Also, if you are a yeller, I mean like you are constantly yelling at your dogs because they don't listen, go somewhere else. You're confusing all the other dogs thinking they're doing something wrong. Basically, if you're a yeller don't ruin the Shreveport Dog Park for all of us. Olive LOVED her hour of free play at the park. We will definitely be going back, but we will go back prepared! Olive gives the Shreveport Dog Park 3 out of 5 bones.

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