The Shreveport Dog Park is under water again. The level on the Red has topped the 28 foot mark in Shreveport. Flood stage on the Red River is 30ft at Shreveport. Already several parts of Riverview Park in the downtown area are also under water and not accessible to the general public.

Shreveport Dog Park Alliance
Shreveport Dog Park Alliance

We did get this message from the folks at the Shreveport Dog Park Alliance:

No big costs to clean up dog park, not sure of amounts. The city scraped the inner sidewalk and picked up limbs and debris the last time it flooded. Not much else was needed. Citizens wiped down faucets and picnic tables, planted flowers. Gates opened soon after. Lower areas hold water, the higher areas have the infrastructure. Silt deposited provides a new layer of grass and levels out the area.

There's no indication how long the park will be closed or how much the cleanup will cost.

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