SPAR Director Shelly Ragle talked with KEEL this morning about the latest riverfront flooding, particularly the water problems at the city's new dog park located at the Stoner Boat Launch.

Ragle gave listeners an update on the Shreveport riverfront park areas currently closed, including Stoner, Hamel's Park near the Jimmie Davis Bridge, C. Bickham Dickson on Bert Kouns and the downtown Shreveport parks along the Red.

Ragle said the dog park, which opened in summer of 2017, has buildings that were constructed specifically handle rising water and that her greatest concern in discussing a reopening date after the Red recedes is accumulated sand along the park's walkways and grassy areas surrounding the pond.

Ragle also discusses the future of Shreveport's Bickham Dickson Park, which only recently reopened after being closed for more than two years due to damage from the 2015 disaster.

For more updates on the latest Red River flooding, including video of the now inundated dog park, JUST CLICK HERE!

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