The new year should bring a fresh perspective of things we are doing wrong, doing right, and some things that may need a little work. If you are a diligent parent, you probably try the best you can to keep track of what is going on in your children's lives. And that includes what they have on their phones.

The Sarasota, Florida Sheriff's Office has recently come out with a list of 21 apps that you need to look-out for on your kid's phones. You might be surprised at how dangerous some of these are, I know I was. I've listed 10 below, but be sure to check out the whole list, you'll be glad you did.

  • Plenty of Fish: Free dating app and website that wants you to chat with strangers
  • HILY: Dating app which also is based on the GPS location of a mobile device.
  • MeetMe: Encourages users to meet in person
  • Monkey: Live video chat app rated for 12 and older, but sheriff's say it contains 'mild sexual content and nudity'
  • Live.Me: Live stream chat that uses geolocation to share videos. Sheriff's say 'coins' can be earned to pay minors for 'photos'
  • Holla: Video chat app that enables users to meet almost immediately. Explicit content and racial slurs have been seen by law enforcement
  • Skout: You're supposed to be at least 17 to be able to access this one, but sheriffs say fake accounts are easily created for the location based dating app
  • Hot or Not: Hooking up is the goal for this app that rates profiles and allows chatting with strangers
  • Calculator+: Police say this app is designed to hide browser history, photos, videos and files
  • Whisper: Anonymous social media site that allows you to share secrets with strangers. And according to police, it also shows location so that you can meet up


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