And they say that a dog is man's best friend...

Coincidentally, I spent some time with some goats this weekend. They have never struck me as the most intelligent of animals. Sorry, not sorry. However, when faced with a life-threatening situation, I believe they are more apt to do what is necessary to survive.

And save their owner in the process.

That's what happened recently in Poinsett County, Arkansas. According to WREG, the Bruce family was able to escape a fire that destroyed their home because of their pet goat. After falling asleep on the couch, 10-year-old Abigail Bruce was woken up by the family goat, Speedy, jumping on her. When she opened her eyes she found the house to be filled with smoke.

She immediately alerted her parents.

It was quickly discovered that the entire garage was engulfed in flames and quickly overtaking the house. The family was able to evacuate through a bedroom window. Although the home is completely damaged, the family is safe thanks to Speedy.

Did we mention they only got Speedy two days prior to the fire? In fact, Abigail's father didn't approve of the goat becoming their pet, but Speedy is more than welcome to stay with them after this heroic act.

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