Taylor Swift has consistently been able to do something that I haven't seen in other artists.

We are currently living in the days in which I will undoubtedly mention Taylor Swift's name more than my own. She is back with new music and her first album in three years. This week it was her return to social media after sweeping it clean and dropping a new song, Look What You Made Me Do. It's a far cry from anything we have heard from TS in the past, except for the heavy shade. Also, she has announced an album, Reputation, that will drop on November 10.

She's arguably the GOAT.

And trust me, I wasn't always a fan. I wanted to like her in the beginning, but I thought she was just an act. It wasn't until I really dove into what she does for her fans and also experiencing her authenticity after meeting her in 2015. She's just Taylor. And she's figured out how to reinvent herself with every single album. Her biggest accomplishment is keeping all of the pots boiling on the stove.

She's managed to be the biggest headline in multiple genres.

First it was country music. It's where she got her start. Then she started morphing into pop music and went all in on this last album, 1989. Taylor's name remained splattered across homepages and landing in trending bars of every major country music website. And she's done it again, despite the in-your-face heavy beats of Look What You Made Me Do. Those same country sites are still leading with Taylor Swift.

Who else has done that? Elvis?

You could even argue that she is one of the biggest stories in the hip hop world because of her beef with Kanye West that's been ongoing for far too long. She's had plenty of headlines in that genre too, including in the past week. Apparently her album release date is the same day as the anniversary of Kanye's mother's passing.

Hey, even negative publicity is publicity, right?

Taylor Swift, of course, dominates the pop music and pop culture world. I just find it intriguing that she remains relevant across the board. It's a constant for her and it only serves her better. Every headline. Every mention. Every post. Every hashtag. That, to me, makes her the biggest superstar in the game right now and, possibly, ever.

*mic drop*


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