Just last week a lucky Louisiana ticket won $250,000 in the Powerball game. This week maybe your lucky ticket could earn slightly less than one thousand times that amount for you. The Powerball multi-state lottery jackpot continues to grow. Tonight officials with the game are estimating the jackpot to be at $200 million by the time the drawing is held.

To win the big money a player must match five numbers drawn at random. Then that player must also match the one number designated as the Powerball. That's all it takes to turn your two bucks into $200 million. Okay, that and an awful lot of luck.

Should you choose the one-time payout option you'd be looking at $139 million in cash. Of course, Uncle Sam would have to grab his share but I bet you'd have enough to pay off the truck and never look at the Dollar Menu again.

The drawing is tonight at 9:59 PM Louisiana time. By rule, ticket sales must end at least one hour before the actual drawing. As always we recommend that you play responsibly and if you can't afford to lose then you can't afford to play. Good luck, we'll be looking for your name on the winner's list in the morning.

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