Chances are you and I have been shopping at Whole Foods all wrong. Ever so often I will treat myself and shop at Whole Foods. When I say shop, I mean I spend $40 on snacks that I finish in two days. I'm a sucker for the salad bar and the food in the display case is always delicious. Yes, I do find my self being envious of the folks who I am sure shop on the regular. How can they afford it? Shop smart, there are certain items and ways to get free items. Here are some things you need to know if you want to enjoy your Whole Foods experience and not walk out feeling gypped.

1. Buy 365, 24/7

If you're all about going organic, you probably think that 365 is way too expensive. Turns out 365 is at a competitive price with Kroger's organic section. It's not just the organic items you can get a great deal on. Have you had the 365 salsa? The pita chips? The hand soap that smells like the lords sweet nectar?

2. Live long and sample on!

Yeah, I've embarrassed my boyfriend because I opened something while in the store and my "I'm going to pay for it at checkout, but I'm starved" response didn't stop him from leaving me in the middle of the chip aisle while I snacked and looked for pita chips. At Whole Foods you can ask an employee for help and they'll open up a bag for you and sometimes the employee will even sample it with you!  At Whole Foods they want you to buy what you love, and it's company policy that you can sample anything so you don't get home and realize you hate the product. Live that fantasy out, sample just about anything, foh free.

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3. Imitate your frugal grandma

Do that, and you can get some items for free. Before you leave with your cart full of items, pull your cart over and check your receipt. If you didn't get the sale price, or if a price is not correct, they'll make it right and most of the time let you have that item for free!

4. Don't leave without their bread

Did you know that Whole Foods bakes their own bread? While I am sure we have our favorite brand that we have been buying since we were put in charge of the grocery list, the Whole Foods bread changes the ball game. Not only is it the same price of the bread you normally buy, this bread is dee-lish!

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5. You don't have to be tight with the butcher to get special treatment

The recipe wants me to do what to a chicken? I need to tie up a pork loin roast? Whether it's 50 shades of pork or you need him to pound that chicken harder than my Mexican grandma does when she's making Chicken Milanesa, they'll do it! Rumor has it they'll season it for you as well if you flash a smile their way.

6. Know when to shop

I refuse to try and coupon. I have a full time job and ever since a lady held up the check out line for over 30 minutes I vowed to never ever walk in to a store with more than one coupon. However, they have $4 off on that Cab Sav I over pay for and if there's a $6 discount on that cod you know I'll roll up with all kinds of paper coupons. Find out which days they have those certain specials and drop by Whole Foods on your way home from work. Here is a cheat sheet for coupons and days to shop.

7. Remember the salad bar is all about the weight

When I walk up to the salad bar I always put my dressing to the side. When I see the tomatoes, sorry you weigh too much! (I treat tomatoes like my high school boyfriend treated me) Tomatoes are crazy heavy and the more weight, the more you pay. Know what is going to be the best bang for your buck. Bacon is a steal when it comes to your salad. That corn salsa is worth it all. I only had to buy a $16 salad once before I learned my lesson.  Now My salad is never over $7 and it is packed with flavor and makes for a cheap and tasty lunch or dinner.

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