Fox News is reporting that a plus-sized pregnant woman from Overton, Texas has been fired from her job for showing off her engagement photos on Facebook

Stephanie and Arynn have asked to keep their last names private after the photos announcing their pending nuptials on Facebook have gone viral.  In the pictures, the couple leave little to the imagination as they embrace near the shore of a local lake.

While the happy couple and the photographer have received mostly positive praise on line (they received over 66,000 comments), Stephanie received quite a shock from her employer.   According to Buzzfeed, her bosses at Austin Bank fired her, stating that they were concerned with how many people would see the photos and that it would not be in-line with their family-oriented values.

Stephanie says that she doesn't regret doing the shoot, and that if it helps just one person feel better about their body - it was worth it.

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