With yet another birthday approaching and not having achieved what I wanted to dietarily this year, I've been all about finding quick and easy healthy meals to prepare for my family.

Let me be honest, I'm the only one in my house watching my waistline which makes dieting even harder. Add in the fact that neither Lani or Keith eat vegetables and we've got a problem Houston.

I've tried making lasagna with zucchini instead of noodles and it didn't pass muster for those two, but I guess these zucchini chips might considering they go through four bags of tortilla chips a week!

I'm *supposed* to be at the station by 5 am at the latest which leaves me scrambling to find a healthy breakfast option most mornings. I'm thinking something like this could be made in advance.

This shrimp salad from Food Network may take a bit more work to prepare, but it sounds like a heavenly dinner on a hot Louisiana summer day!

Lastly, there's no mistaking this sweet for being healthy, but dang does it look good!

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