Shreveport resident Coty Hemperley is the latest winner of Louisiana’s Shot At A Million Campaign.

32-year-old Hemperly and 13-year-old Nevada Charity of New Orleans are the winners this week. Hemperly wins $100,000 dollars while Charity wins a $100,000 scholarship.

Governor John Bel Edwards made the calls to the winners.

Governor Edwards says:

Coty and Nevada are great examples of young people who understand the importance of taking the necessary steps to protect themselves, their families and communities from this terrible virus. It is even more important now because of this dangerous fourth wave of the delta variant that is causing so much illness among our citizens and especially our younger population. We need more Louisianans age 12 and up to follow their example and get vaccinated as soon as possible. We’ve seen far too many stories of children, teenagers and young adults being diagnosed with COVID-19, suffering greatly and being hospitalized. Most of them are unvaccinated. We have the power to turn this around by getting a vaccine and wearing a mask indoors to slow the transmission. Let’s work together to end this.

Five more $100,000 scholarship winners will be announced next week along with the $1 million grand prize winner.

The Louisiana Department of Health has been offering the chance to win $100,000 every week starting July 9th and a grand prize of $1,000,000 at the end of the month to all Louisiana residents ages 18+ who have chosen to receive at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine — all you have to do is enter.

Louisiana residents ages 12-17 who have gotten at least one dose of the vaccine are eligible to win one of nine $100,000 scholarships.

The deadline to entry this drawing has now passed. The big winner will be announced on August 13.

If you want more information on getting a vaccine in Louisiana, click here.

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