For some schools in the state, the year has already began, with some parents electing to keep their little ones at home.

By now, all of you are aware of Louisiana's mask mandate that went into effect earlier this week. Until September, at the earliest, anyone who is indoors must be wearing a mask in the state of Louisiana. That applies for any public establishment. Businesses, churches, and of course, schools.

There has been push-back ever since the governor announced the mask mandate on Monday, but possibly the biggest push back has came from Louisiana parents who believe it's their choice whether or not their little ones mask-up at school.

Personally, I know how uncomfortable it made my oldest daughter last year during 3rd grade. However, she was a trooper, and wore than mask the entire year. My youngest, who was in Kindergarten, did not have to wear a mask last school year.

This mandate, though, applies to all students at public schools in Louisiana. Kindergarten through 12th grade, any student over the age of 5 will be expected to wear a mask on campus.

Shortly after the announcement, I stumbled across a Facebook group with thousands of members. The group is "Unmask Our Kids - Louisiana" The group featured hundreds and hundreds of post, most with the goal of pressuring Louisiana to loosen the mask mandate on kids. One post, which generated hundreds of commitments, staged a boycott of Louisiana schools for the first week of school.

Of course, this first week of school with differ on dates throughout the state. Fort instance, DeSoto Parish started last week. Bossier Parish will start this upcoming week, and Caddo Parish will kick off on August 23rd.

Are there any parents here locally who are planning to boycott the first week of school, or longer, in response to our mask mandate?

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