One week into our mask mandate and I can say I'm not seeing much of a difference.

This past weekend, I went out to several places in Shreveport-Bossier. Over the course of three days, I went to Target, Academy, Wal-Mart, Olive Garden, ROSS, Pierre Bossier Mall, a local golf course, and two bars.

What I'm about to say is 100% true and in no way fabricated or stretched. Out of every single place I visited in three days, I don't think I saw 20 people with masks on. In some places, I saw zero masks. Others, maybe two or three out of literally hundreds.

So that got me thinking, how many people are actually masked up in Shreveport-Bossier following the implementation of our current mask mandate. The mandate states that everyone wears a mask while indoors. That goes for every public business, church, and school in the state. Yet, I think maybe 5% of Shreveporters are wearing masks, and I think a very small percentage of businesses are enforcing the mandate.

Clearly, my prediction from several weeks ago has come true. I stated to anyone that would listen that if Louisiana passed any new mandates or restrictions, Louisianians would laugh and go about their business. In 2020, we lost essentially an entire year of our life. We gave up a lot of freedoms in order to flatten the curve. It took a little longer than two weeks though, am I right?

I knew 100% that if we were given all of those freedoms back, we wouldn't be willing to give them up again as easily as we did in 2020. That's exactly what's happening with the mask mandate, at least from my perspective. I think people in Louisiana feel like they gave enough last year and are simply living their life how they would like to now, especially with a vaccine readily available to anyone who wants it.

Have you seen many masks in Shreveport since the mask mandate, or has your public experience been about the same as mine?

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